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1. Is there shade at Crystal Springs?
2. Do camps utilize Crystal Springs?
3. Do you check bags or personal belongings?
4. How much does it cost to enter Crystal Springs?
5. Can I get a refund if it rains?
6. Are there any items not permitted at Crystal Springs?
7. Do you have season passes?
8. Do I have to pay if I'm not swimming?
9. Does my child have to wear a swim diaper?
10. Are pets allowed into Crystal Springs?
11. Are you an accessible facility?
12. What are your operating hours?
13. What is your address and phone number?
14. Do you allow smoking in Crystal Springs?
15. Do you have an ATM?
16. In addition to cash, do you accept any other payments?
17. Do you offer military discounts?
18. Does it cost anything to park?
19. What should I do if I lost something at Crystal Springs?
20. Is the pool water heated?
21. How deep are you pools?
22. What flotation devices are permitted in Crystal Springs?
23. Can I use my drone inside Crystal Springs?
24. How tall does my child have to be to use the water slide?
25. Where can I sit in Crystal Springs?
26. Are there any rules concerning bathing attire?
27. What responsibility do I have if I use any of your rides?
28. Is there anywhere I can store my belongings?
29. Can I bring pool toys into Crystal Springs?
30. I'm bringing small children, should I be concerned about their safety at Crystal Springs?
31. Are your pools clean?
32. Can we bring coolers?
33. Is alcohol allowed in Crystal Springs?
34. Do you have a concession stand?
35. Can I bring in my own food?
36. Do you have any rental areas or birthday packages?
37. I want to bring a group to Crystal Springs, do you have any group rates?
38. What should I bring to Crystal Springs?