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Planning & Engineering

  1. EBCHC Board of Trustees Application

    The East Brunswick Community Housing Corporation (EBCHC) Board of Trustees is seeking new board members to fill vacancies on the board... More…

  1. EBCHC Preliminary Application for Affordable Rental Program

    This is a preliminary application to rent an affordable 1-, 2-, or 3- bedroom unit with the East Brunswick Community Housing... More…

Police Department

  1. Commend an Officer

    If you would like to recognize an officer who has performed his/her duties in a manner that you think is exceptional and reflects... More…

  2. Confidential Tip

    The East Brunswick Police Department has established a Confidential Tip Line to receive crime or suspicious activity information from... More…

  3. Report a Lost Pet

    The East Brunswick Police Department is urging residents to use this form to alert East Brunswick Animal Control if a pet goes missing... More…

  1. Community CrimeCam Registration

    Security Camera Registration helps citizens and law enforcement partner in preventing and solving crimes using your security cameras.... More…

  2. Operation Blue Angel

    The "Blue Angel " program will look to encourage residents to download online applications to address personal needs regarding their... More…

  3. Traffic Safety Complaint

    The purpose of this site is to allow citizens of the Township of East Brunswick to report recurring traffic safety problems occurring... More…

Recreation & Parks Forms

  1. Archery Class Survey - Feedback

    Short Survey About Archery Program

  2. Class Survey - Feedback

    Short Survey About Magic Class

  1. CAO Facility Request Form
  2. Pencil Art Class Survey - Feedback

    Short Survey About Pencil Art Class