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Beaver Dam Park

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  1. Hiking Trails

Beaver Dam Park will be closed to the public August 21, 2023 through May 5, 2024.  As anticipated when the park was first opened in November 2021, the Environmental Protection Agency will be conducting additional soil remediation in a portion of the site that currently is not accessible to the public.  Additional information regarding the work to be completed can be found on the EPA’s website -  The Township of East Brunswick looks forward to reopening the park as we continue to work with the EPA in restoring this property for safe public use.  Thank you.  

Beaver Dam Park is a previous and current Superfund Site and the release of this property back to the Township of East Brunswick and surrounding community is a success story in environmental cleanup.  The sites’ history and current status may be found at the Environmental Protection Agencies website -

  • Waterproof Shoes are Recommended
  • Beaver Dam Brook is a Natural Area – ticks and other ‘critters’ are present
  • Beaver Dam Brook is a Carry In / Carry Out Park!  There are NO trash cans here – take out what you bring in
  • Fried Second 5 Year EPA Report

Beaver Dam Park Trail Map

Beaver Dam Park Trail Network

Beaver Dam Park Sign