What are permits and why do I need one?

Permits are used to regulate construction. The process is designed to ensure that all construction within the Township is safe. The safety of building occupants is the primary reason for construction codes. Construction codes in effect in New Jersey can be found in the following link:  NJ State Codes and Regulations

There are several types of permits, depending on the type of construction- structural, plumbing, mechanical or combination. Most homeowner projects require a "combination permit." In addition, permits are required for the demolition and relocation of buildings.

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1. What are permits and why do I need one?
2. When do I need a construction permit?
3. Are permits needed for all home improvements?
4. Where do I get a permit?
5. What steps are involved in the process?
6. How long does it take to get a permit?
7. What is the cost of a permit?
8. What happens if I don’t get a permit?
9. What if I get a permit but don’t call for inspections?
10. Can I do the work myself or do I have to hire a contractor?
11. Who prepares the required plans?
12. What about inspections?