How are behavioral and disciplinary problems handled?

Positive reinforcement, assertive role-modeling and a sense of fair play are generally regarded as key components of camp counseling and leadership. Rules are necessary in any organization, and the disciplinary approach taken is reasonable and well communicated. If penalties are involved for violations, they will be applied quickly, fairly, calmly, and without undue criticism to campers.

At the beginning of the camp season, the campers, together with the staff, will develop and write their own set of rules that will help them create a positive environment. As a result, the campers will know what is expected of them and will understand what is appropriate behavior for them and for others.

Disciplinary Actions
Campers who choose not to accept these responsibilities are subject to disciplinary action which may include: 

  • Verbal reprimand
  • Written warning
  • Time-out from activity
  • Exemption from activity
  • Conference between camper and Site Director
  • Conference between Recreation Supervisor, Site Director and parent
  • Expulsion from Day Camp

Disciplinary action will vary according to the frequency, severity, and nature of the incident.


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