Meritorious Service Award

Patrolman Ryan Welch, Patrolman Matthew Egnasko

On May 1, 2019, Patrolman Ryan Welch and Patrolman Matthew Egnasko stopped a vehicle that was occupied by three occupants for a motor vehicle violation near the NJ Turnpike Toll Plaza. Before the suspect vehicle came to a stop, the rear passenger side occupant opened his door and ran from the vehicle. Patrolman Egnasko gave chase on foot while Patrolman Welch kept the driver and front-seat passenger at gunpoint. Patrolman Egnasko caught up to the fleeing suspect, wrestled him to the ground, and took him into custody with the assistance of Patrolman Paul Jun and Patrolman Patrick Lem. A search incident to arrest revealed the suspect was concealing a loaded 9MM handgun in his pants.

When additional backup units arrived, the remaining two occupants of the suspect vehicle were removed from the vehicle and handcuffed. The vehicle had a strong odor of marijuana in the passenger compartment. A probable cause search of the vehicle's passenger compartment revealed a large sum of money belonging to the male driver. The money was folded and separated into $100 amounts which is consistent with CDS distribution. The female front-seat passenger, who stated she was unemployed, also had a large sum of money that she had no explanation for having. 

Detective Sean Grogan of the Woodbridge Police Department, along with K-9 Blade, responded to the scene to assist with the investigation. The K-9 conducted a sniff of the vehicle, which positively indicated the presence of  CDS. All three suspects were subsequently placed under arrest. The suspect vehicle was impounded for seizure proceedings, and a controlled sniff of the money by Detective Grogan’s K-9 back at HQ was also positive for the presence of the odor of CDS. The driver of the suspect vehicle had multiple warrants and was charged with Money Laundering and Possession of Marijuana. The female front-seat passenger was charged with Money Laundering and Possession of Marijuana. The rear seat passenger who fled the stop was charged with multiple weapons offenses, Resisting Arrest, Obstruction, Aggravated Assault, and Possession of Marijuana. 

For their proactive policing, quick thinking, and sound tactics, which led to multiple arrests and the removal of a handgun from the streets of East Brunswick, the Department of Public Safety is proud to present Patrolman Ryan Welch and Patrolman Matthew Egnasko with a Meritorious Service Award. The Department of Public Safety is also proud to present Patrolman Paul Jun and Patrick Lem with a Letter of Commendation.a

Patrolman Michael Manning

On June 6, 2020 this agency received a 9-1-1 call reporting that a boat had capsized in the Farrington Lake, and there were two individuals in the water in distress. Patrolman Michael Manning was the first to arrive on the scene. He immediately began relaying important information to headquarters and other responding officers. 

There were two males observed in the Farrington Lake approximately 50 yards off shore who were struggling to swim in choppy water. While one individual was able to successfully swim to shore safely, Patrolman Manning utilized a throw rope to try and rescue the other individual.  In his weakened state, the remaining male was unable to hold onto the rope. Patrolman Manning then entered the water and quickly made his way to the male to prevent him from drowning. He assisted the male out of the water and to the shore. The male was incoherent, weak, and vomiting water. The Robert Wood Johnson EMS quickly responded to the scene and transported the male to the hospital for further treatment.

For his rapid response, proper use of training and equipment, and willingness to put his own life at risk in the water, which resulted in preventing a drowning, the Department of Public Safety is proud to present Patrolman Manning with this Meritorious Service Award.