Meritorious Service Award

Detective Alexander Danese

Detective Alexander Danese was assigned to investigate a shooting that took place on 85 Main Street on May 5, 2021. Detective Danese conducted a thorough, cohesive, and well executed investigation which led to the identification of two suspects. One suspect was found to have fired a handgun at another person during the course of a dispute. That suspect was charged with Attempted Murder, Possession of a Weapon for an Unlawful Purpose, and Unlawful Possession of a Weapon. The charges were placed on a warrant. The other party involved in the dispute was found to have intentionally rammed two vehicles and a warrant was issued for Criminal Mischief. 

For his diligence, perseverance and through use of investigative skills which resulted in the arrests of two individuals, the Department of Public Safety is proud to present Detective Alexander Danese with this Meritorious Service Award.

Patrolman Robert Thuring & Detective Luke Guinee

The East Brunswick Police Department received an anonymous tip that a wanted felon with a nation-wide extraditable warrant from Washington was staying at 246 Route 18, the Studio 6. On July 29 2021 Patrolman Thuring confirmed the warrant was active and began conducting surveillance at the Studio 6 for the wanted felon. He observed a male matching the felon's description in the parking lot. Upon noticing Patrolman Thuring, the male began running and a brief foot chase ensued. Patrolman Thuring was able to take the male into custody without incident. 

While Patrolman Thuring was conducting an interview with the male, reasonable suspicion was developed that CDS, fraudulent documents, and machinery to produce fraudulent documents, were inside the hotel room and his vehicle. The male’s girlfriend then came out of the hotel room and began speaking with officers. While speaking with the female, Patrolman Thuring developed reasonable suspicion that she was also engaged in criminal activity with the male. The female denied consent of a search of her vehicle, as well as a vehicle that was hers but driven by the male and their hotel room.  Patrolman Thuring contacted the zone prosecutor and was able to secure a warrant for the vehicle driven by the male and the hotel room. The search of the room produced a handgun, psilocybin, OxyContin pills, laptops, cell phones, machinery to produce credit cards, fake IDs, and $1,700.00 in cash. The search of the male’s vehicle produced several fraudulent documents. The male's vehicle was seized pending forfeiture. The female's vehicle was seized and placed in the East Brunswick Police Impound Building pending a search warrant application. The handgun was later determined to be stolen out of Washington. Both were charged with possession of the handgun, possession of stolen property, possession of OxyContin pills, and possession of psilocybin. 

Detective Guinee assisted Patrolman Thuring with his investigation, and obtained a Communications Data Warrant (CDW) for the fraudulent documents, laptops, and cell phones. Patrolman Thuring and Detective Guinee continued with their investigation, which revealed both were engaged in a large scale identity theft and fraud operation. Additionally, the male was on the State of Washington's most wanted list, and had been on the run from authorities for two years. His Washington charges include the manufacturing and distribution of fentanyl pills, and engaging in fraudulent activities that deprived his victims of well over $100,000 according to Washington detectives. 

For their proactive patrol techniques and thorough investigative skills, which led to the arrest of a wanted felon and his accomplice. The Department of Public Safety is proud to present Patrolman Robert Thuring and Detective Luke Guinee with this Meritorious Service Award.  

Patrolman Robert Theoret, Patrolman Paul Jun, Sergeant Thomas Cassidy

In August 2021, the East Brunswick Police Department’s Community Response Unit, received an anonymous tip regarding promoting prostitution and possible sex trafficking. Acting on this tip, CRU accessed several commonly used websites utilized by sex workers and were able to obtain further information supporting the tip that was received. After a thorough investigation was completed on the address, names, phones, websites, and emails, numerous surveillance details were conducted on the business. Each surveillance conducted obtained more and more intelligence on the operation and the individuals involved. Undercover details were later conducted to further the investigation as well as obtain information on the interior of the business.

In November 2021, a Search Warrant was approved on several locations, vehicles and individuals involved with the case. As a result of the search warrant, several arrests were made, large sums of money and a vehicle were seized, a business promoting prostitution was shut down and information was obtained in regard to a larger sex trafficking ring possibly in the Mercer County and Ocean County area. Subsequent to the Investigation, the Attorney General’s Office met with members of the East Brunswick Police Department to speak about the intelligence gained from this case. Several individuals involved were linked to a larger scale sex trafficking ring and the investigation was turned over to the NJ Attorney General’s Office.

For their diligence, perseverance and sound investigative techniques that led to the arrests of several individuals involved in a large-scale sex trafficking operation, the East Brunswick Department of Public Safety is proud to present Patrolman Robert Theoret, Patrolman Paul Jun and Sergeant Thomas Cassidy with this Meritorious Service Award.