Body Worn Cameras

In accordance with the NJ Attorney General’s Guideline on Body Worn Cameras 2021-5, East Brunswick Police Department officers will wear Axon Body Worn Cameras (BWC) while performing patrol-related duties. The BWC will be positioned on the outer clothing and placed within the upper torso/chest area, ensuring the BWC recording capability is not obstructed. On occasion, non-uniformed officers may wear the BWC on their belt, depending on their assignment. The BWC has high-quality audio and visual capabilities but does not have enhanced audio or video capabilities that capture images or conversations beyond what the officer can see or hear, such as infrared night vision, thermal imaging, or sound amplification.

Body Worn Cameras are considered a valuable asset intended to assist law enforcement by producing an audio-video recording of interactions with the public. BWC will provide valuable documentary evidence for solving crimes, ensure transparency, and aid in upholding our professional standards. In accordance with NJ Attorney General’s Guideline, officers will also respect areas of privacy and restrict some recording in private residences, schools, places of worship, healthcare facilities, and court.

The attached photos are of the current BWC employed by the East Brunswick Police Department and show examples of where it may be placed on an officer’s uniform/garment.