July 4th

Independence Day 2021

July 4 2021 Flyer v4 twp circle - FINAL

Entering, Parking, and Exiting Instructions:

General parking and handicapped parking will be available at the Community Arts Center using the entrance / exit off of the Cranbury Road side only.   General parking will also be available at Heavenly Farms using the entrance / exit off of Dunhams Corner Road.   These parking lots will be opened to the public at 6:30 PM.  

Additional parking at the County Fairgrounds will be opened only after the primary parking lots have become full.  There is absolutely no stopping, standing, or parking permitted on Cranbury Road, Dunhams Corner Road, Helmetta Boulevard, Kingswood Boulevard, or any other street that is posted with temporary no parking signs.  

At the conclusion of the event all traffic exiting from the Community Arts Center will be directed to turn right onto Cranbury Road and will then have the option to either turn left onto Helmetta Boulevard or continue south on Cranbury Road towards South Brunswick.  All traffic exiting from the County Fairgrounds will be directed to turn left onto Cranbury Road going towards Route 18.  All traffic exiting from Heavenly Farms will be directed to turn right onto Dunhams Corner Road going towards Church Lane.  Please note that this is not a drop off / pick up event as incoming traffic at the conclusion may be held or re-directed.

Please be patient, watch for pedestrians, and be mindful of officers directing traffic.  Delays are expected.  Cross traffic at nearby intersections will also be held to allow exiting traffic the right of way.  We hope everyone has a safe and happy July 4th!

4th July Parking Enter
4th July Parking Exiting