Swim Lessons

Welcome to our Swim Lesson Information Page.  We are so excited that you are interested in participating in Swim Lessons this summer at Crystal Springs!  Crystal Springs has partnered with Jeff Ellis Swimming to provide engaging and objective driven curriculum developed by a nationally recognized organization in the safety and comfort of our facility. The course description below will help determine what level of swim instruction would benefit you or your child.  If you don't know, feel free to reach out to us at crystalsprings@eastbrunswick.org to discuss what class would be appropriate.

We look forward to swimming with you!
The CSWP Swim Lesson Team

2023 Pricing:  Resident - $150  Non-Resident - $175   Each session will consist of eight (8) – 45-minute classes spread out over two weeks (usually Monday-Thursday with a makeup day on Friday). 

Dates Available:  

To Be Announced in 2023.  Please check back for more information around February 2023.

Information for attending Swim Lessons:  Each swim lesson course will include a maximum of six (6) participants to one (1) instructor.  Each course will follow social distancing guidelines to ensure a safe swimming experience.  Only one (1) Parent or Guardian is invited to attend the swim lesson to ensure proper distancing amongst parent(s)/guardian(s) on deck!

Notes:  Swim lessons at Crystal Springs are focused on creating WaterSmart swimmers by offering basic instruction on swimming strokes.  Courses are designed to increase swimmers' confidence in the water and begin to build endurance with each stroke.  If your child has already taken swim lessons or participates in any kind of competitive swimming, these lessons will be too elementary for their current skill level.  Each course is self-contained within the 8-class structure and course content will reset at the beginning of each session.  Class Descriptions can be found below.  Levels marked with a (x2) will be offered twice in the specified session..

Registration: To register for swim lessons please go to Crystal Springs Registrations. Registration will be available beginning around March 1, 2023.  Please check back in the new year for specific registration dates. 

Jeff Ellis Swimming (JES) Class Descriptions
**Additional classes may be offered – continue to check back for more information**

Parent + Preschool:  Ages 2-4 years with a parent (in the water):
The objective of our Preschool + Parent swim class is to help students feel comfortable in the water while the mom or dad is at their side. Students will learn elementary water skills that they can build on as they progress through the various swim levels. We introduce the WaterSmart Rules that are encouraged by Sophie the Safety Seal — our very own mascot for the Jeff Ellis Swimming Program.

Preschool:  Ages 3-5 years:
The purpose of this class is to help students feel comfortable in the water without the presence of the parent. Students continue to learn elementary water skills and safety tips that will stay with them throughout all swim lesson levels. Sophie the Safety Seal’s WaterSmart rules are enforced for increased water safety.

Beginner:  Ages 6-12 years:

The Beginner class builds on elementary water skills previously learned and teaches students the skills needed to complete a 25-yard swim for each of the following: elementary backstroke, front crawl, and backstroke. All elementary water skills are reinforced so that they become second nature to the students. All water safety rules are discussed as well.

Advanced Beginner:  Ages 6-12 years:
The Advanced Beginner class teaches children how to master strokes development and requires them to complete 50-yard swims of elementary backstroke and basic backstroke. Students are also asked to complete a 25-yard swim of breaststroke and front crawl with rhythmic breathing. We introduce scissor kick and sidestroke at this swim level too.