Joy in 2020 Photo Project

Though 2020 was a taxing year, we still found joy in our surroundings and in our families.  Thank you to everyone who shared their photos of their "Joy in 2020".  Share these photos with your friends and family while we enjoy 2021.

Joy in 2020

Zhanar Morris-Michael3

Zhanar Morris - Michael Morris 3

Zahidul Islam-Sunset at Heavenly

Zahidul Islam - Sunset in Heavenly Farm

Yan Yakirevich-Joy in 2020-3

Yan Yakirevich - Joy in 2020 3

Xiaofeng Zhou-Butterfly Garden

Xiaofeng Zhou - Butterfly Garden

Xi Ai-Stretching Continues

Xi Ai - Social Distancing but the Stretching Continues

Vijay Punjabi-The King

Vijay Punjabi - The King

Venya Mehra-Rose Flower

Venya Mehra - Rose Flower

Vandeneynden Family-Popcorn

Vandeneynden Family - Popcorn - Guinea Pig Days

Garbadawala-Midnight Bird

Ummehani Garbadawala - Midnight Bird

Islam-Cherry Blossom Night

Umaynah Islam - Starry Cherry Blossom Night

Terry Wolfe-Serenity

Terry Wolfe - Serenity

Biswas-Fall Leaf w/Grandkids

Susmita Biswas - Fall Leaf Collection with Grandkids

Shelley Wasilewski-Snowman

Shelley Wasilewski - Snowman

Sheila Sachs-Survival

Sheila Sachs - Survival

Sara Spear-Joy of Sledding

Sara Spear - The Joy of Sledding

Ryan Blum-Winter Pond at Sunset

Ryan Blum - The Winter Pond at Sunset

Rekha Mishra-Millie2

Rekha Mishra - Millie 2

Series of Unfortunate Events

Peyton Hruska - A Series of Unfortunate Events

Paula Simpson-Fishing

Paula Simpson - Fishing

Nithya Murthy - 3

Nithya Murthy - Untitled 1

Berzok-Adventures in Journalism

Maureen Berzok - Adventures in Journalism

Lori Nattrass-Fields of Lavender

Lori Nattrass - Fields of Lavender

Janzekovich-Thanksgiving Dinner

Leann Janzekovich - Thanksgiving Dinner

Komal Mehra-The Gorgeous Bird

Komal Mehra - The Gorgeous Bird

K Elias-Thompson Park Monmouth

Karim Elias - Thompson Park Monmouth

Gulutz-The Joy of Puzzling

Karen Gulutz - When All the Pieces Come Together - The Joy of Puzzling

Kanthi Tatineni - 1

Kanthi Tatineni - Untitled

Kalpana Menta

Kalpana Menta - Untitled

Julia - My Nephew with Daisy

Julia - My Nephew with Daisy

Janzekovich-Snowy Bird House

Joann Janzekovich - Snowy Bird House

Bogar-Richardson DIY Before/After

Jennifer Bogar-Richardson - DIY Before and After

Hong-Neile's Stained Glass Cabin

Jennie Hong - Neiles Stained Glass Cabin

Jamie Snipp-Ireland Brook

Jamie Snipp - Ireland Brook

Jake Waxelbaum-The Son of Man

Jake Waxelbaum - The Son of Man

Sommers-Ice Cream Heaven

Gladys Sommmers - Ice Cream Heaven

Gargi Chakravarty-Spring Colors

Gargi Chakravarty - Spring Colors

Mena-Graceful Flight of a Pelican

Gabriela Mena - The Graceful Flight of the Pelican

Shammi-Smile with Vegetables

Fatima Shammi - Smile with Garden Fresh Vegetables

Eva Shaalan-Lake George Boat

Eva Shaalan - Lake George Boat

Erin Dolan-Early Morning Sun

Erin Dolan - Early Morning Sun

Elayne Risley-Starfish Bouquet

Elayne Risley - Starfish Bouquet

Weingarth-Northern Flicker

Drew Weingarth - Male Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker

Zitomer-Sea Glass Hunting

Deborah Zitomer - Sea Glass Hunting

Dean G-In the Palms of My Hands

Dean Gittleman - In the Palms of My Hands

D Grunberg-Civic Center Oasis 2

David Grunberg - Civic Center Oasis 2

Bunny G-Where's Cream Cheese

Bunny Gittleman - Wheres the Cream Cheese

Anish Yenduri-Snowman Army

Anish Yenduri - Snowman Army

Abby Wolfe-Peace

Abby Wolfe - Peace

Zhanar Morris-Michael2

Zhanar Morris - Michael Morris 2

Zahidul Islam-Morning Glory

Zahidul Islam - Morning Glory

Yan Yakirevich-Joy in 2020-2

Yan Yakirevich - Joy in 2020 2

Xiaofeng Zhou-Butterfly Garden2

Xiaofeng Zhou - Butterfly Garden 2

Xi Ai-My Amaryllis

Xi Ai - My Amaryllis

Vijay Punjabi-Slow and Steady

Vijay Punjabi - Slow and Steady

Venya Mehra-Paper Quilled Frame

Venya Mehra - Paper Quilled Frame

Vandeneynden-Mom's Irises

Vandeneynden Family - Moms Irises

Garbadawala-Grateful Graffiti

Ummehani Garbadawala - Grateful Graffiti

Umaynah Islam-Snowman Family

Umaynah Islam - Snowman Family

Biswas-Sunset at Island Beach

Susmita Biswas - Sunset at Island Beach State Park

Simi Awoyode

Simi Awoyode - Untitled

Wasilewski-Ryker on His Sled

Shelley Wasilewski - Ryker on His Sled

Sheila Sachs-Reflections

Sheila Sachs - Reflections

Spear-Colors of Springtime Walk

Sara Spear - Colors of a Springtime Walk

Rekha Mishra-Painting

Rekha Mishra - Painting

Peyton Hruska-Home Sweet Home

Peyton Hruska - Home Sweet Home

Simpson-Through My Window

Paula Simpson - Through My Window

Nithya Murthy - 1

Nithya Murthy - Untitled 3

Berzok-Sushi Plate & Dipping Bowl

Maureen Berzok - Sushi Plate and Dipping Bowl

Marla Strumminger-Hope For 2021

Marla Strumminger - Hope for 2021

Nattrass-Cape May at Sunset

Lori Nattrass - Cape May Beach at Sunset

Janzekovich-Hanging By The Fire

Leann Janzekovich - Hanging Out By the Fire

Komal Mehra-A Magical Fantasy

Komal Mehra - A Magical Fantasy

Karim Elias-Riding The Trails

Karim Elias - Riding the Trails

Gulutz-Slendors of Nature

Karen Gulutz - Splendors of Nature Outside and Bringing It In

Kanthi Tatineni - 2

Kanthi Tatineni - Untitled 3

Julia Foo-Self Portrait with Jane

Julia Foo - Self Portrait with Jane

Rutch-Walkway Over the Hudson

Joe Rutch - Biking on the Walkway Over the Hudson

Janzekovich-Bun Bun & Cookie

Joann Janzekovich - Bun Bun and Cookie

Bogar-Richardson Beach Vacation

Jennifer Bogar-Richardson - Beach Vacation

Hong-Neile's Stained Glass Roof

Jennie Hong - Neiles Stained Glass Cabin Roof

Jamie Snipp-Family Walks

Jamie Snipp - Family Walks

Jake Waxelbaum-The Scream

Jake Waxelbaum - The Scream

Sommers-Faces Make Me Smile

Gladys Sommmers - Faces That Make Me Smile

Chakravarty-Dent in the Horizon

Gargi Chakravarty - Dent in the Horizon

Mena-Sunset at the Jersey Shore

Gabriela Mena - Sunset at the Jersey Shore

Shammi-Cozy Sitting Corner

Fatima Shammi - Cozy Sitting Corner

Shaalan-Front Yard Lanscaping

Eva Shaalan - Front Yard Landscaping

Elias Paone-Sk8ter Boi

Elias Paone - Sk8ter Boi

Elayne Risley-Nature Provides

Elayne Risley - Nature Provides

Weingarth-Downy Woodpecker

Drew Weingarth - Male Downy Woodpecker

Deborah Zitomer-Fall Flowers

Deborah Zitomer - Fall Flowers

D Gittleman-Always & Forever

Dean Gittleman - Always and Forever

D Grunberg-Civic Center Oasis

David Grunberg - Civic Center Oasis 1

Bunny Gittleman-Peekaboo

Bunny Gittleman - Peekaboo

Abby Wolfe-Springtime

Abby Wolfe - Springtime

Brunswick The Bear-Dock on Bay


Zhanar Morris-Michael

Zhanar Morris - Michael Morris 1

Zahidul Islam-Bike By A Tree

Zahidul Islam - Bike By a Tree

Yan Yakirevich-Joy in 2020-1

Yan Yakirevich - Joy in 2020 1

Xiaofeng Zhou-Bird Feeder

Xiaofeng Zhou - Bird Feeder

Xi Ai-May I Go Outside

Xi Ai - May I Go Outside

Vijay Punjabi-Bold and Beautiful

Vijay Punjabi - Bold and Beautiful

Venya Mehra-My Cute Dog

Venya Mehra - My Cute Dog

Vandeneynden-Covid Prayers

Vandeneynden Family - Covid Prayers

Garbadawala-Covid 19 PSA

Ummehani Garbadawala - Covid 19 PSA

Umaynah Islam-Dazzling Daisies

Umaynah Islam - Dazzling Daisies

Biswas-Sunrise at Ocean Grove

Susmita Biswas - Sunrise at Ocean Grove

Simi Awoyode-Amanda Gorman

Simi Awoyode - Amanda Gorman

Wasilewski-Colton & His Dad

Shelley Wasilewski - Colton and His Dad Plowing the Driveway

Sheila Sachs-Breathe

Sheila Sachs - Breathe

Spear-Having Fun & Cooling Off

Sara Spear - Having Fun and Cooling Off

Rekha Mishra-Millie

Rekha Mishra - Millie

Peyton Hruska-A Walk in the City

Peyton Hruska - A Walk in the City

Paula Simpson-Stay at Home

Paula Simpson - Stay At Home

Nithya Murthy - 2

Nithya Murthy - Untitled 2

Maureen Berzok-Flying Fish

Maureen Berzok - Flying Fish

Nattrass-Homes of Cape May

Lori Nattrass - The Victorian Homes of Cape May

Leann Janzekovich-Watching TV

Leann Janzekovich - Watching TV

K Mehra-The Joyous Flutter-Bye

Komal Mehra - The Joyous Flutter-bye

Kimberly Paone-Bird Shadow

Kimberly Paone - Bird Shadow

Karim Elias-Belmar Beach

Karim Elias - Belmar Beach

Gulutz-My Newest Bundle of Joy

Karen Gulutz - My Newest Bundle of Joy

Kanthi Tatineni - 3

Kanthi Tatineni - Untitled 2

Julia Foo-Me in the Barn

Julia Foo - Me in the Barn

Janzekovich-Sunset Off Our Dock

Joann Janzekovich - Sunset Off Our Dock on Raccoon Island

Bogar-Richardson Fall Holiday

Jennifer Bogar-Richardson - Fall Holiday Decorating

Jennie Hong-Stained Glass Lamp

Jennie Hong - Stained Glass Lamp Prize

Jamie Snipp-Municipal Pond

Jamie Snipp - Municipal Pond

Jake Waxelbaum-The Thinker

Jake Waxelbaum - The Thinker

Sommers-The Beauty of Nature

Gladys Sommmers - The Beauty of Nature

Gargi Chakravarty-The Spirit

Gargi Chakravarty - The Spirit

Mena-View From My Balcony

Gabriela Mena - View From My Balcony

Shammi-Wooden Welcome Sign

Fatima Shammi - Wooden Welcome Sign

Eva Shaalan-Sara Kayaking

Eva Shaalan - Sara Kayaking

Erin Dolan-Texture of the Trees

Erin Dolan - Texture of the Trees

Elayne Risley-Teddy Bear Totem

Elayne Risley - Teddy Bear Totem

Weingarth-Yellow Sapsucker

Drew Weingarth - Yellow-bellied Sapsucker at Dallenbach Lake

Zitomer-Shoreline Solitude

Deborah Zitomer - Shoreline Solitude

Dean Gittleman-Reflections

Dean Gittleman - Reflections

D Grunberg-Civic Center Oasis 3

David Grunberg - Civic Center Oasis 3

Claudia Scherzer-Knitting for Kids

Claudia Scherzer - Knitting for Kids

B Gittleman-Ocean Treasures

Bunny Gittleman - Ocean Treasures

Abby Wolfe-Pearl

Abby Wolfe - Pearl

Brunswick The Bear-Sunset