Snow Tips

  • Please remember to remove your vehicle from the street whenever plowable snow is forecast. Vehicles parked along the curbs make it difficult for plow operators to clear the roads.
  • Please avoid driving or parking on the roads during or immediately after a heavy snowstorm. The less traffic our plow operators encounter, the more efficiently they can get the roads cleared. 
  • DO NOT shovel or blow snow into public streets. This not only defeats the purpose of our snow plowing but creates unsafe conditions for all drivers. All shoveled or blown snow should be piled in your yard or in the area between the curb and sidewalk.
  • We will not clear driveway openings. During the course of plowing snow off of the roads, driveways may get plowed in (snow deposited in front of the driveway opening by plow trucks). This is unavoidable. To minimize this inconvenience, residents are encouraged to clear the area of the roadway (adjacent to the curb) to the left of their driveway (when looking at the street from their property). Most of the snow, being carried by the plow, will drop off in that area before reaching the driveway. Unfortunately, it is often necessary to plow some roads more than once (especially those roads that were plowed early in the event); consequently, you may have to open up your driveway more than once.
  • For updates during storm events, please follow us on Twitter: @EBTwpSnow
  • FAQs regarding snow removal.