Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.)

SWAT Team Group Photo

The SWAT team is comprised of 26 officers from the East Brunswick Police Department who are specially trained to respond to life-threatening incidents that occur within the township. These situations include hostage situations, barricaded suspects and high risk warrant services. The team trains monthly in the use of special weaponry and diverse tactics to ensure their skills are perfected.

An integral part of the SWAT team are four officers who serve as the Crisis Negotiation Team. They receive extensive training through the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the use of Active Listening Skills that serve to lower the subject's emotions, defuse anger, and return the subjects to more rational thinking.

The goal of the SWAT team is to respond quickly to dangerous situations and bring them to a swift and non-violent conclusion. Ultimately, the SWAT team will mitigate and minimize casualties to whatever extent possible through special training and tactics.