Animal Control

Animal control in East Brunswick will assist residents who are experiencing problems with lost or stray dogs and cats, nuisance problems concerning domestic pets, and wildlife that appears to be sick or injured.

Call Animal Control directly at 732-390-6960 or the police department at 732-390-6900 to notify us of any problems in your area. You can also contact us by emailing Animal Control.


It will be the policy of Animal Control to help ensure the return of lost pets to their homes and families. To assist us in this goal please ensure that your dog or cat has a license, microchip, tag (95% chance of return with a tag) or some other means for identifying where the dog or cat belongs. If the pet does have a microchip please register that chip with the organization from which it was purchased otherwise we will not be able to access the owner information.

Sick or Injured Pets

For your pets that are sick or injured you must contact your personal veterinarian for treatment. If you are in need of a rabies vaccination, the township offers a free rabies clinic in November of every year.


Chapter 83 of The Township of East Brunswick Municipal Ordinance requires that all dogs and cats residing in the township be licensed. Licensing your pets with the town ensures that they are up to date with their rabies vaccinations and helps to prevent the spread of disease through our pet population.

Wildlife, Pest & Nuisance Problems

The Animal Control Officer will not handle wildlife, pest or nuisance problems. These types of problems can best be solved by a local exterminator or pest control operator. Animal Control will only respond to sick or injured wildlife that is posing a public health or rabies threat. If wildlife is seen on your property you can monitor their progress. 

If the wildlife is just passing through (walking from point A to point B with a purpose, not falling over or walking in circles) without showing signs of injury, illness or aggression then there is no need to call the Animal Control Department.

Animals that Spread Diseases

All concerns regarding West Nile Virus, Bird Flu or Lymes Disease should be directed to the Health Department of Middlesex County at 732-745-3100.

Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty investigations shall be conducted by Humane Law Enforcement Officers (HLEOs) that report to county prosecutors.

If you suspect animal cruelty or abuse after February 1, 2019, contact your County Prosecutors Office or local police for assistance.

To report animal cruelty or abuse involving livestock (including horses, cattle and poultry), contact the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, Division of Animal Health by calling 609-671-6400 or via email:

The full text of the statutes and the plain language description of the provisions and requirements are posted here: