Fences, Decks, Pools, & Sheds

Construction Permits Required

All of these items require either a zoning permit from the Division of Planning or a construction permit from the Division of Construction Inspection and zoning compliance approval from the Division of Planning. Specifically, fences and sheds of 200 square foot or less require zoning permits.

A copy of your property survey, to scale, is necessary to make a proper review of the application. All measurements are made from property lines. Property lines are shown on the survey and indicate the actual property owned. Sidewalks and curbing are in the Township right-of-way and are not on private property.

Homeowner's Associations

Since properties that are part of a homeowner's association may be subject to additional regulations, an approval letter from your homeowner's association is required as part as your construction permit application.


After a permit is obtained, it is the homeowner's responsibility to call for inspections during construction.


If you cannot meet the required zone regulations you may wish to apply for a variance. The Planning Division can provide information on how to apply.

Tree Removal

If any tree over 6 inches in caliper (diameter) needs to be removed to install any of the above, a tree removal permit is required.

Get further information on zoning and a summary of PURD regulations here.