Workplace Safety Checklist

  • Make sure all three-wire tools and appliances with flexible cords are properly grounded.
  • Guard live parts of electrical equipment against accidental contact.
  • Identify the circuits served by the fuses, circuit breakers or disconnect switches and record them in the panelboard directory.
  • Protect flexible cords and cables from physical damage.
  • Ground exposed parts of fixed equipment that could be energized.
  • Make sure all ground paths from equipment and enclosures are permanent and continuous.
  • Keep slack in flexible cords to prevent tension on terminals.
  • Make sure the insulating qualities of a splice are equal to or greater than the original cord.
  • Make certain there are no obstructions limiting air circulation near equipment ventilating openings.
  • Locate overcurrent protective devices (i.e, circuit breakers or fuses) where they can be easily and quickly reached.
  • Make sure floor electrical outlets are flush with floor.
  • Use extension cords only on a temporary basis.
  • Protect personal computer equipment by using recommended surge protectors.

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