Electrical Subcode

Work Requiring Permits

  • Additional circuits added to the panel or extended from an existing outlet
  • Alarm, fire and security systems
  • All changes or wiring inside new or existing walls
  • Change of a standard fixture to a ceiling fan or much larger fixture in excess of 50 pounds
  • Lawn sprinkler systems
  • Service upgrade

Work that Does Not Require Permits

  • Cable TV Outlets
  • The change of any existing fixture switch or outlet of similar type
  • Telephone work in a residence

Basic Home Electric Maintenance

  • Vacuum clean or dust smoke detector head as per manufacturers' recommendations. Test heads monthly and listen for interconnection where applicable.
  • Write a comprehensive panel schedule, make two copies, keep one at the panel. Use a radio to identify each receptacle and check fixtures room by room. Most houses have only two or three light circuits.
  • Laundry room and kitchen receptacles should be on 20 amp circuits.
  • Test your G.F.C.I. receptacles.
  • Monthly trip test (push test button, then rest), especially in damp locations.
  • Don't paint over devices when remodeling.
  • Caulk around outside fixtures to avoid insect nests and water damage to splices. Check the seal around service entrance cable for air gaps.
  • Don't put furniture, especially beds, against receptacles.
  • Do not use extension cords except for temporary use.